Monday, 26 December, 2011

Indulging some

Back in the blogosphere after a long break :)
I feel so guilty for not writing more, okay won't even go there now.
Lets just straight get to the point. So, Recently the extremely nice people at TNC sent me some goodies. They were going a host bloggers meet at TNC, saket which got cancelled but they took my mailing address and sent me a 'token of indulgence' and I'm glad they did, the body lotion has now become my winter staple and my lips are loving the berry balm. Such a sweet gesture on their part and needless to say, I love gifts :)
I am now looking forward to trying out variety of other products from The Nature's Co.

This is what they sent me:

Lily Of The Valley Body lotion

Key ingredients: White lily extract, Olive oil, vegetable glycerin, Vitamin-E.

The 250ml bottle had a tiny paper note 'know your ingredients' wrapped around its body. It talks about Lily, where it is found and the meaning of the flower. The meaning of this flower is "You will find happiness."
TRULY living upto the name, the moment i opened the bottle it sent me to a heavenly valley of lily. Saying that it smells SO very delicious, is actually an understatement. This lotion is my new favorite!
Last one being the coconut by Exotic. This is the thing i love about body lotions, they make you feel like a goddess, even if its just for a little while :)
This one's very moisturizing and great for my dry winter skin.

MRP: INR 525

Berry Lip Balm

Key ingredients: Shea butter, Mango butter, Castor oil, Vitamin-E, Kokum butter, natural flavoring and food grade colors.

I like trying out new lip balms in the market, but more often than not they have let me down ( except for the nivea strawberry one) because they never give you the much needed long lasting moisture and if they do, they dont give the required tint on the lips.
This lip balm by TNC, has a cute packaging. Again, it smells so yummy i want to eat it up! And I mean every word of it. It softens lips, yes does the job beautifully.
But I might not repurchase this one because i'm not a big fan of tiny pots, I prefer sticks. But that's just me. All of you out there who like tasty eat-me-off-your-lips balm should try this one out!

MRP: INR 225.

I like how more and more 'natural' products are coming into the market. This brings city people like us slightly closer to The nature.
Thank you for the gifts The Nature's Co.