Sunday, 22 April, 2012


It's not just confined to racy lingerie. Lace is now about sophistication and feminity. It will dress you up but never dress you down.
Everyone's wearing it !
Its a sexy trend no doubt but isn't there a thing called too much lace?
There you go..Thats too much lace.

Jessica Alba at Chanel Haute Couture Fashion show. Lace dress with Black Lace Loubs. But she manages to look beautiful so WTH.

Kristen Stewart at Kids Choice awards 2012
Not crushing on the shade of blue but works for her!

And more recently, Sonakshi Sinha in a Shantanu and Nikhil dress.

And the following is my humble take on lace

Pleats + Lace+Three quarter sleeves= Exactly my idea of a lace dress
I was surprised at how quickly i found something so close to what i wanted.

                                                                    Dress- Mango
                                                       Necklace/Shoes- Forever21
                                                             Clutch- Accessorize
                                                                     Belt- Pieces
                                                                   Bracelet- Gifted

                                                   On my lips: Ambika pillai- Flame

                                  Time to bring in The Fashion Nazi

      Lacy things that should disappear from the face of earth:

NO it's not classy. It's just impossible for any one to pull off these ugly-ass piece of clothing.
Unless, ofcourse, you're going to a strip club.
Um. Wait.
No. Not even then.

That's all for now