Tuesday, 1 January, 2013

New Beginnings + OOTD

Hello World!
It's a refreshing New Year. Instead of making resolutions (because obviously I failed to follow the ones I made last year), I'm leaving behind the bad juju- from some wrong decisions, regrets, mistakes in 2012 and starting on clean slate. I'm excited about all the new opportunities and adventure that i'm going to see and be a part of! I'm currently multi-tasking a lot, doing things that I enjoy, studying what I like so there's no reason to be unhappy :)
If all this gleaming and rainbows-butterflies talk is making you nauseous, I'll stop.

Do you have any idea how cold is it in Delhi? This is the city of extremities, both in terms of people and weather (You know what I'm talking about when I say 'people' of Delhi, unless you've been living under a rock)
And to give you a fair idea of the weather, here's a picture of two poor street chums Changu-Mangu we've been taking care of lately.

December was much more than just cold, lazy afternoons and naps. Here's what I wore on Christmas:

Dress: Forever21
          Leggings: GK M Block Market
        Coat: Local Boutique
        Shoes: Carlton London
Earrings: Splash
Santa Cap and Red Braided Hairband: Party Hunterz