Saturday, 3 November, 2012

High-Street Trends Online? Not in India, Baby!

Time for some not-so-random rant J

Like most of you, I love finding jaw-dropping eye-popping deals online. Stuff that makes me go “You won’tbelieve how much I got this for!” in front of others.
But the rarest thing is finding high-street trends on the Indian sites. Because they give you none!(yeah, except for maybe 1 or 2 websites that come slightly close to the category but not enough for me to be talking about them)

We’re all exposed to the hot 'off-the-runway’more or less affordable versions in the offline space (ZARAs and MANGOs of theworld), why not have an online brand for us Indians that can serve the same purpose minus the offline overheads?
Like I mentioned, I keep myself updated with who’s selling what and bookmark my favorites. Here are some online brands I'm digging for their affordability and merchandise

Studded Tee at Love culture for $16 (approx. INR 850)

Geometric Print Jeans at GoJane for $34 (approx. INR 1800)

Tribal print crop top at Gojane for $15 (approx. INR 800)

Suede Peep-toes at Gojane for $27 (approx. INR 1450)

Sequined Jumper at Miss Guided for 26 Euros (approx. INR 1800) 

Lace Peplum Dress at Boohoo for 26 Euros (approx. INR 1800)

Aztec Neon Necklace at The Quiet Riot for $4 (INR 215)

I’d love to have a website giving me these at the same prices within India. After all, no sane soul will pay more than double the amount for shipping from these sites to India.

Is anyone listening?



  1. Oh, totally agree with you. I definitely think we need such stores. BooHoo has some amazing stuff, so does GoJane, I frequently stalk them!


  2. love the last dress <3 Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. lol, true!
    i was also searching for sites that could send me the stuff to india with no added shopping cost. there are very few which do and there are a few which have a minimum shopping cart amount for free shipping.

  4. Oh no honey I hope you get some new stores offering you some good affordable prices.

    <3 Marina

    1. Thank you marina! My prayer has been answered :)

  5. Oh, that printed crop top is gorgeous! And totally hot too! The lace peplum dress is really quite stunning, and it looks very sexy with such a flattering silhouette.

    May the force be with you.

    1. Thanks Em!
      I love the crop top too :)


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