Monday, 11 March, 2013

As Simple As It Gets

It's complicated, but it doesn't have to be.
This is what I think everytime I'm in a fashion fix. The fix arises mostly when I can't decide what to wear or whether what I'm wearing goes with the occasion or not.
Have you spent ages trying on different outfits and still not feeling sure of what you've picked out is the best for that day? I used to, too.

Lately, I've started reverting to simplicity in all forms and considering that I'm a Punju (Punjabi, yeah true blue North Delhi-ite), it is a big darn deal since sho-shaa (Showing-off) is our said forte. Maybe it's just a no-fuss mood. I will go back to my authentic punjabi self in sometime :)

I mean, nothing against the OTT style icons that defy everything Simple. Specially Lady Gaga, The lady's got swagger! But Isn't that entertainment instead of fashion OR maybe these two terms co-exist?
Questions. Questions. Questions
Imagine if this happened: 

Remember I was whining in one of my previous posts' about How there's not one good purely online fashion retail brand in India? Looks like someone was listening :) 

Just recently, I heard of bhane. It's basically the online venture of Shahi exports, the popular Indian export house. There are a couple of things I like about bhane. foremost being the strong branding. The essence of which, for them, is simplicity. Evident perfectly in their Interface, merchandise and styling. Also, extremely impressive customer service! Now let's just hope that wasn't a one-time wonde *fingers crossed*
Sure it's not everything that I was looking for but it's good start.

Just a peek into what I bought and How I wore it:

Jumper: Kazo, Jeans: Bhane, Shoes: Forever21, Bag: Forever New

Sprucing up this simple post with a little Quirky

Guess we all need a small dose of fun with fashion :)


  1. hahahaa
    that is a funny pic!!
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