Saturday, 19 March, 2011

What will you be wearing this Spring/Summer?!

Don't you all just adore Spring/Summer season..

Well.. if you're a Delhiite (like me), you might say NO!
It gets crazily hott and sweaty. But Why should any of that stop you from getting dressed to your best? I say.. nothing should :)
Infact I love this season..I think that's because:
1. I dont sweat like a pig.
2. I love bright colors.
Now.. I don't mean you can't wear bright colors in Autmn/Winter..But let's face it. You dont see as much colors and prints in Winters as you do in summers. Winters are inherently Gloomy and dull (I mostly see only blues, blacks and greys around me)

So. Here's my little Closet-Wishlist for this season

1. Maxi dresses are going to be Big this season and why not..They give you such a flowy, Breezy look. Not to forget all the various prints and colors you see them in, oh-so-summery! :)

This one's from Forever 21, I'm not a big fan of paisley but i really like it on this one! The color and neckline as well!

2. We all love short dresses and what better than ruffled short dresses. I love the back of this dress, its so girly and will definitely keep you cool! :)

This dress is from ZARA! Tell me if you've seen it in the stores already?

3. Rompers are Short, rather loosely fitted one peices. A perfect summer outfit i think..and they look so cute and playful!

This one's from Forever 21 too ( no doubt its my favorite store :P )
It has a sweetheart neckline which gives this romper a flirty look ;)

4. I'm all for floral prints this summer.. be it tunics, dresses or flats!

This tunic is from the latest Vero Moda collection. I have quite a few floral tunics so i could do without another one but i found this one just too pretty.

Now, this pair of sequined floral flats is something I've been looking for since last summer :\
and i couldn't find a single pair like the one above. I know bellies are not the best footwear for summer but i'm biased towards them.
The pair above is from Forever 21. Let me know if you see a nice pair like these somewhere around :)

5. Colour blocking is a great way to play with colors on dresses.. So this one's on my wishlist too.

Check out the sexy back of this one..Yeaaaah! ( usher style ;) )

6. Last but not the least... these beautiful Blue wedges. I have a similar one in black but this pair of plaited blue wedges from ZARA wins Hands down!! If only they were a little cheaper. :(


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  2. Delhi summers are HOT! I'm lusting after almost everything on your wish-list! especially the maxi dresses!

  3. Great post..thanks for sharing!! lovely blog sweeties...Keep it up:)
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  4. Rompers are my favorite! Trying to get my hands on them since a while now. Nice post ! : )

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  11. Oh i know! it's my favorite in the list!!

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  14. lol. Thanks Vinamre.
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